How to fix System restore error 0x8007045b in Windows

The issue affects a small number of devices, according to Microsoft. You shouldn’t run into an issue with the Check Desk tool on Windows 10 anymore. This is where “System Restore” discussed earlier can help you undo such a major change. Go back to “Disk management” and select the disk, Disk 0 or Disk 1, whichever is the case. Follow the on-screen instructions in the pop-up window to proceed with the System restore.

  • To start the reset, select „Remove everything” or „Keep my files,” depending on why you’re performing the factory reset.
  • If you’re still encountering the error 0xc , try the next method below.
  • Tick Turn on system protection and set appropriate Max Usage .

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Part 1. Execute System Backup and Restore when System Restore Failed

Your Windows System Protection settings can be corrupted and your System Restore can throw the System Restore did not complete successfully error. In the “Protection” column, check if you can enable protection on the system drive C. After the backup process is completed, you can check the backup status, restore, unlock or delete the backup just by right-clicking the backup task on the left.

If this file is not registered then there are big chances of an “An error has occurred in the script of this page” error message. Open your antivirus or antimalware software. This can be used for all script error messages when opening QuickBooks. They all seem to be connected to „User Experience Enhancement” that are not functioning correctly.

Solution 3: Delete Your Current Recovery Partition Using Diskpart

I have updated firmware, tried different RAM and hard drives, but sometimes nothing will seem to correct the issue. With an SSD, the fault can still happen but since SSDs are so fast, it will never use up 100% so you just don’t notice it. Viruses and malware, in general, can cause several performance problems on the PC, which also leads to a 100% disk usage error. Scan your system thoroughly for threats, and if found, eliminate them by following the software’s guidelines. In case, the problem of BKSOD persists and your hard disk appears to be failed, you can talk to professionals.

One of the popular commands to fix file system errors is chkdsk. If you have been wondering what command can be used to check for file system errors, this is the command that you should be using. Install option and wait for Windows 10 to download and apply the necessary updates. After successfully installing the latest system version, check if the Kernel Security Check failure error returns. Corrupt system files — Most likely as a result of malware, your system files could be damaged.

Temporary Disable Your Antivirus Software

Select the Uninstall updates option from the see installed update history drop-down menu. Open the Windows settings by hitting the Windows + I keys together once again, and then choose the Update and security option. When the system asks whether you want to schedule a disk scan for the next reboot, press Y and Enter to confirm. Select the Recovery option from the menu in the presented box, and then the Restart now option under Advanced startup. When the Windows logo appears on the screen, press the power button to interrupt the startup sequence.